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It looks like I imported from LJ all posts as of December 2013. That means that I am missing some posts, specifically....8.

At that point I can just create new backdated posts and copy and paste, right? I don't particularly plan to start posting again, but I will read the ol' flist here.


Dec. 1st, 2015 06:10 pm
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I just remembered that 1830 for DOS is pretty good.
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I don't know when heavy board games started being available on phones and not just tablets, but I approve.

I have not pulled the trigger on Brass because I read terrible things about the computer players. Waiting on patches.

But what about Steam? Which apparently is also out and is way cheaper.

For that matter, what's the difference between Steam and Age of Steam anyway? I know they're different but I never actually paid attention or played Steam. Yes, I'll check BGG as well.


Nov. 13th, 2015 11:05 am
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So I just found out that the mobile version of Brass is compatible with phones as well as tablets.

I've never played Brass.

Is buying the app a terrible idea?

Would anyone be interested in multiplayer?
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On advice from a friend, went with a different brand SSD, lower-profile RAM, slightly fancier case (air filters!), and aftermarket (air) cooling.

This is...a lot of computer for me. But I got 5 years out of my current system and I think 6-8 are possible for the new one.

Also need to get Windows 10. Ew. Yes, I know it's spyware.
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...so I'm staying up late, playing mindless video games, and listening to music that was obscure 15 years ago.
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aw fine mom, HOW'S WASHINGTON?

Redheads: missing
Spirits: high
Flu: everywhere
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Cross-posted from Facebook, for a different (though overlapping) audience.

Interestingly, the argument for calm in dealing with Fukushima is: background radiation and radiation from other sources is vastly greater anyway, and you have to remember that tripling your risk of cesium-caused cancer raises it from effectively nil to...effectively nil.

Put differently, crazy shit happens on planet earth all the time and life deals.

....This is possibly also an argument against worrying that much about climate change.

But let's flip the script for a bit. This might shed some light on why your typical greenie who is desperately worried about climate change is also fiercely opposed to nuclear power - a proven, safe, efficient carbon-free source of vast amounts of electricity, that also doesn't kill birds or emit other dangerous atmospheric pollutants.

In fact, provided that fissile materials do not escape containment (as fuel or as waste) there are ZERO harms associated with nuclear power (I omit things like social inequity associated with uranium mining or whatever). To me, the lesson of Fukushima is that we need to vastly increase our investment in nuclear technology, and we need to do it yesterday. Seriously, since when do we as a species encounter a setback and go into full-blown retreat? Did Unsafe at Any Speed cause us to renounce cars, or did it cause us to buy seatbelts? Should this cause is to renounce nuclear power, or develop safer systems and make the investment needed to roll them out? What would the people who built Apollo 2 through the rest of them do?

Well, maybe we shy from these challenges since climate change nee global warming. Back to those greenies. The anti-climate change crowd and the anti-nuclear power crowd share a fundamental view: We should stop doing things that damage the environment.

Interesting. I'm not sure where this leads. The argument is refuted if we introduce....SCIENCE! The scientific consensus is that climate change is real, and bad, and the scientific consensus is that nuclear power is real, and safe. And one of these could solve the other!

More broadly, people who are committed to science need to push back against the anecdotal pseudoscience that fills our airwaves with misinformation. Media outlets need to be vastly more careful about their sources, and when they get a crazy op-ed from a Ph.D. they should denounce it as crazy, not print it under a headline saying that "A SCIENTIST SAYS THAT..."

Seriously. It's time to stop being stupid about this.
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Today: Arlington -> Phoenixville -> Arlington

It was going fine until the TWO accidents on MD 295 w/ traffic jams just far enough apart (1000 feet?) to make you think Google Maps was wrong.

But oh no, Google maps was not wrong.

I hope there is a special place in hell for every single motherfucker who cut me off, butted into my lane, and/or drove in the shoulder. Every. One. Of. Them.

If being a total jackass was a crime I would indeed have been the goody two shoes who called in ALL THE LICENSE PLATE NUMBERS.

And now it's St. Patrick's Day Night in my building. Kill me.

Had a really nice family day though.
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Saturday: Rodin Museum (w/ Dad)
Sunday: PMA (w/ Mom and Dad)
Wednesday Cloud 9 @ Georgetown Law
Friday Punch Brothers @ 9:30 (w/ Marie and Lexie)
Sunday: Bon Jovi @ Verizon Center (w/ Christen)

Top takeaway is I am (surprisingly) very excited about the upcoming Bon Jovi album. Definitely a little different from anything they've done before, most of the tracks from it (that they played) were heavy on the guitar (hold over from folk experimentation?) but not at all twangy, unlike some previous work. (Or maybe they just realized that Richie Sambora is the most talented member of the band.)

Also, the renovation of the Rodin museum is lovely. Understated, but lovely.
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I've been trying to stick to e-books available for free or from my library. Just finished Reamde, waiting on a copy of The Hobbit.


Jan. 6th, 2013 08:38 am
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Jan. 1st, 2013 07:04 pm
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Loved it. PJ is granted a stay of execution following the abomination that was his Return of the King.

Quick hits that are really not very spoilerish:

1. I liked the vision of Erebor in the prologue.
2. I thought it hit the key points of the plot pretty well.
3. I thought the added content worked really well, connecting the story to The Lord of the Rings.
4. I was glad it wasn't too heavy-handed but was whimsical as the Hobbit should be - in particular the escape from the goblins reminded me of Indiana Jones in that it was utterly ridiculous and implausible but was great fun.
5. Armitage was excellent as Thorin, which was my biggest worry.
6. 3D high frame rate blah blah was fine. I only noticed in one wide shot of Rivendell where I could see that the matte painting behind was a matte painting.
7. When it ended I thought, I would be happy to sit for the next 5 hours and see the rest!

End game

Dec. 15th, 2012 11:12 am
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I ended up getting (well, asking for for Christmas) a Kindle Paperwhite, and will worry about fancier electronic toys next year.

In other news, JUST TODAY, my beloved pair of headphones got new foam covers! They're a 5 year old pair of (discontinued) Sony MDR-Q22s (http://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDRQ22LP-Ear-Clip/dp/B00008VIX2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1355587625&sr=8-2&keywords=MDR+q22). Covers literally disintegrated about 10 days ago (gross). Both within an hour of each other. Research suggests that these headphones cannot be replaced. They have the perfect combination of over-ear comfort, no band (meaning I can wear just one while working), incredible sound quality, and a long cord. The Sony successor has a shorter cord, and the knock-offs that other brands manufacture are supposedly worse. (Also, note the aftermarket prices on Amazon!) To get new foam covers I had to call the parts department and pay $1.80 plus shipping per lousy scrap of foam, but it was totally worth it. TOTALLY WORTH IT.
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