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In 2006, Boeing delivered nearly as many 737s (302) as in 1967-1972 (311).

(I have found the place of the battling fanboys.)

(If you click back to the transportation forum, there are many threads for individual aircraft. This is just the coolest message board EVER!)

Two very good lines from the Airbus thread: "Airbus will play politics any way it can. On the one hand it may tell unions that brutal Anglo-Saxon market forces are at fault in its ruthless drive for efficiency, and urge following the advice of Milton Friedman."

"The world needs at least two major airliner manufacturers, so even Americans have a stake in the continued viability of Airbus."

QFT, as the young people are saying these days. I am a Boeing fanperson only because I have been impressed with Seattle's Chicago's business plans these last 5-10 years. I also think that Airbus is a sort of interesting metaphor and precursor for the EU, which I tend to view with skepticism.

When it comes to total coolness factor the winner is, of course, Lockheed Martin. They go zoom. (And boom, but these things happen. That should be a bumper sticker, if it isn't already: "Boom happens.")
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It is sitting in front of me. It has a diagram of the Apollo 11 flight path, a list of 88 steps that are part of the mission, and a timeline of activities covering all nine days.

So. Awesome.

Me: "It should be copied and turned into a poster!"

Leah: "Or a placemat. ...I don't know why I just said that."
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Boeing or Airbus?

You decide, but I'll tell you that I'm not changing horses now.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 02:42 pm
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Joanna finally dragged me to the 14th floor of BRB2/3 for lunch.

Wow! Great view over the hospitals towards center city. The Cira Center looked translucent, as the sky it was reflecting matched the sky behind it. It was hard to tell where it started and ended. AND! Andandand. We got to see some unmarked helicopter land on CHOP and pick someone up (not drop someone off - whew!) right in front of us! A few minutes later PennSTAR's "Dedicated Back-Up Ship" came in to HUP, but our view of the pad was obscured.
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Had a lovely visit.

As I said, we gamed on Friday. This included a game of Blue Moon City, which I barely won, and two games of Rumis. Rumis is like Blokus, except 3D (made by the same folks). I won both games, the first one by a lot and the second one by a little. What's really awesome about the game is that it has many maps with different rules. On the first map, it was just a 4X5 grid, up to 6 levels high. On the second map it was a pyramid, 8X8, and 1 high on the outer rank, then 2 high, etc, up to 4 high. And the game comes on a little turntable so you can see it from all angles! Very cool.

Today, we went museuming. Basically we saw the Postal Museum, the Renwick, and parts of Air & Space.

<3 Renwick.


It was a good trip. Also very nice to see Spielberg and Erskin.
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I had no idea.

Also, Chris and Mark: It just struck me that we must have seen PennSTAR 1 on Monday, because it was flying in from the northeast (Wings Field). The pictures also suggest that I have had the profiles of 1&2 vs. 3 wrong lo these many years.
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Friday night we moved from my grandmother's place in Kirkland to my aunt and uncle's place in Eastlake. It has been much with the fun. Yesterday, we watched soccer and then went to a wooden boat festival just a 20 minute walk from here. This included all manner of awesome. Also, we're on Lake Union, which is where the sea planes flying in and out of Seattle land - they pass overhead rather a lot. At the boat festival, we got a free ride on a fairly large boat (or small ship) and were buzzed many times by planes.

Today, I had Dim Sum with Chaos, and then poked around at Elliot Bay Book Company, the greatest cat-less bookstore I have ever been to.

Now, we laze.

As the awesomeness of these last days cannot be expressed well on lj, I won't even try. Also, I'm lazy.
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Wise words from a God of the military-industrial complex.
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As soon as my lazy companions awake, we are off to the Udvar-Hazy Center, on eight hours of cuddling and four hours of sleep.

College students make me do such stupid things.

I love it.


Sep. 28th, 2005 10:56 pm
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I thought the Osprey was dead. Apparently this is not true.
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This post is a random collection of thoughts for the day. They are presented in chronological order, so I encourage you, dear reader (if you exist), to at least glance through it. It might get more interesting as it goes along. Or less.

This morning I arrived at 30th Street to find the far wall of the mezzanine level of the station (the SEPTA ticketing area) gone. Where there used to be a mosaic, then a temporary construction wall, there is now a shiny new hallway leading to an escalator and bridge to a shiny new tower. I will miss the mosaic, but I approve.

Recently there have been two or three posts about an accident near Swarthmore the other day. In response to them, I've been thinking about going to school in the city, and how the Penn bubble is almost nonexistent next to the Swat bubble (though admittedly being a commuting student probably reduces it even further). Just this evening I was sitting in Houston after making the above post, when I was disturbed by the passing of PENNSTAR - The University of Pennsylvania's air ambulance. The helicopters come by whenever they're called, which ranges anywhere from none for hours to two flights in ten minutes (the university maintains three helicopters ready to fly from different remote airfields). Obviously some calls are more urgent than others, but when you really notice the helicopters is when they roar in to the medical center just above the rooftops - at that altitude where you'd think you were hearing a motorcycle if it wasn't passing so damn fast. When they come in that low and that fast, you always know that someone is in serious trouble.

Walking back to the station to come home, I had an interesting realization. I like police. In almost any situation, when I see a blue shirt, be it a collared shirt with a shiny badge or a t-shirt or jacket with 'POLICE' in block letters on the back, I automatically feel more relaxed. I suppose it is a response to some combination of trust in the justice system (ha!) and the knowledge that whatever the justice system's shortcomings are, they overwhelmingly favor my particular race, class, and gender. On the other hand, on an intellectual level I recognize that this is Bad. It's sort of related to how I was always ambivalent about going to protests. The protests were always for the right cause, and needed to be made, but I hated the way people would heckle or even just speak disrespectfully of present police officers. The thin blue line is made up of upstanding Americans just trying to do their jobs - for YOUR benefit. Cut it out already. ...You know what I mean?

I've had a revelation. Tinderbox by Stiff Little Fingers would make a great ML anthem. I'm pretty sure that the song is actually about life in the tenements that housed the poorest Irish workers in the '70s, but it totally works for ML too, and on both the metaphorical and literal levels! The place is both simmering with angst and also (of course) a major fire hazard.
Lyrics )

A little later, I'm sitting on platform two at 30th Street Station, looking east towards central Philadelphia. The view is bracketed by the platforms and the roof of the station, so I can only see a narrow band and every building stretches from the bottom of it to the top. The solid mass of mostly-lit windows looks strange through the mist. It reminds me of New York, with all of its too-tall square buildings that run together and crowd each other. But no, it is Philadelphia, with its graceful, spread out, glass towers. I'm just only able to see the bottom thirty or forty stories of each tower. I look forward to seeing a shining skyline in the daylight tomorrow.

I have often posted about how great the R7 is, but it has one failing. Late rush hour and post rush hour trains are always late, either due to high ridership, having to hold in Trenton to meet a late train from Pennsylvania Station (NY), or both. Oh well, a minor inconvenience.

Two classic quotes from Freud, who desperately wants to get to be part of this post:
"The law only forbids men to do what their instincts incline them to do."
"Children have no scruples over allowing animals to rank as their full equals."

So, there are all of today's neuroses. Is it a bad sign that I wrote notes on the platform and the train so I would remember all of this?
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And the closeout crew is getting ready to seal the shuttle's cabin hatch.

The launch will be at 10:39 AM, watch NASA TV here:http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html
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Things that were Awesome Beyond All Expression, in no particular order:
Seeing Finlay
Meeting Finlay's family
Meeting Berit
Walking around town
Looking at old buildings
Walking on old brick and cobblestone
The graveyard at night
Frisbee on the beach
Name game (I admit it)
Going to Meeting for Worship with Lisa on Sunday
Having a Grown Up conversation with Finlay's mother
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Harry Potter
Walking along the cliffs at Siasconset
Eating great food at home AND when out
Visiting the Nantucket Historical Association's Library
Roaring across Nantucket Sound at 40 MPH aboard the catamaran Flying Cloud...TWICE!
Seeing the airport
Getting a behind the scenes tour of the airport by Finlay and her Very Awesome boss!
Finlay's house! (Floorboards especially)
Listening to Finlay and Berit talking about their high school people (even though I was usually lost)
The town of Nantucket
The island of Nantucket
Coming back to "America"
Coming Home

Things that Utterly Sucked:


Jul. 13th, 2005 02:15 pm
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In other news, I went to the dentist, and it was fun!
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We went up to New York today, primarily to the Met to see an exhibit on religious art in Byzantium, which closed today. But we also discovered the genius of American impressionist Childe Hassam, which was very nice.

Much more important, however, was our trip up the HH from the Lincoln Tunnel. At the Intrepid Museum I caught a brief glimpse of the Concorde on display, which I very much hope to visit soon. Then at 50th st, the Queen Mary 2 was in port. Everything I've already said about her stands, but seeing her up close was very impressive. She really does look like a floating building. Oddly enough, 'Queen Mary 2' is displayed on the top of the superstructure, and at the bow where the ship's name should be there is instead the name 'Cunard.' But I guess they could use the ad space.

Lastly: One pier north of the Intrepid, there appeared to be another (small) aircraft carrier tied up. But it doesn't appear to be part of the Intrepid Museum. Anyone have any ideas? Any New Yorkers know?
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Since I supposedly have a self-imposed mandate to fulfill:

They made it into space this morning. No one was surprised.

What was interesting was that they did so even though SpaceShipOne's engine shut down early. This suggests that adding weight to win the X-prize will cause no problems at all, as if two extra people weigh that much anyway.

Also - I forgot to mention yesterday that I got handlebar extenders and gloves for my bike, which are a major improvement.

In other news, check out this page of 1830 variants: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arena/5276/depot/1830v.htm
I really want to try this one:
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Cars seen in the mile or so from Swat to the Blue Route: 1 Bus
Cars seen in my direction on the first 7 miles of the Blue Route: 0
Cars seen in my direction on the next 6 miles: 6
Cars seen in my direction on the next 4 miles: 10ish
Cars seen at the toll complex: lots
Cars seen in the 5+ miles from the Blue Route to my house: 3 passing me and 1 glimpsed from afar.

Total travel time: under 30 minutes.
Illegal right turns on red (probably should not post this): 2

In other news, Helicopters )

Tomorrow, I become a Princeton railfan!

P.S. Is it bad to check all *10* responses to “What would you say is a flaw of yours?” in a quizilla quiz?

P.P.S. Gaming )

And now...

Apr. 15th, 2004 08:45 am
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The final push to have enough content here to never bother updating it again! (Yeah, right.)

One: Doing something useful on the planes front.

Here come those planes ladies and gentlemen. Last week I had some business out in Bluebell, so I drove by Wings Field on my way home. Very cool even though the only sign of life was some guy working on a small helicopter. And a speed trap in the driveway. I noticed a small building with a PennStar sign out front, although I didn't see the helicopter. I was sort of surprised: I'd always imagined they flew from HUP, although I guess it does make more sense to base it slightly outside of the range of fast ground transport, thus ensuring that the helicopter is near the people who need it, quickly. Also, does this mean that there's actually more than one helicopter?

There's little so much fun as being near HUP when PennStar comes roaring in at roof top level. Well, except for the fact that that usually means that someone on board is critical or dying. That's less fun.

Two: More planes.

Yesterday I was reading the 2004 airshow issue of Air & Space Smithsonian (best magazine *ever*! http://www.airspacemag.com). I'll probably go back to Reading this year, even though it's sort of dinky (http://www.maam.org/maamwwii.html). It struck me that I've never been to the show at NAS JRB Willow Grove (is that happening this year? It wasn't on the list for some reason) or the helicopter show near West Chester. For that matter I've never even visited the American Helicopter Museum (http://www.helicoptermuseum.org/). I should do that. And of course if I had the money I'd love to go to Reno or the EAA fly-in at Oshkosh, but who am I kidding?

Three: Computers.

I now have an sccs account, thanks to ultranurd. I have no idea what I'll do with it. Send me an e-mail at csegal [at] sccs [dot] swarthmore [dot] edu so I'll feel loved and have a chance to fiddle with pine a little.
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