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Dec. 3rd, 2012 12:37 pm
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I encountered a tablet in person for the first time ever over the weekend and it happened to be an ipad mini a restaurant was using (w/ a square) for the bill. I was instantly impressed by how incredibly much easier it was to use than a smartphone in terms of button pushing, and was surprised by how small and lightweight it was.

Meanwhile I am planning to get a kindle because I am tired of lugging hardcover library books around - existing plan is base kindle for cheap and use it for yaknow books.

And I vaguely am thinking I might get a smartphone in the next half year or so.

So the question is can I get a tablet instead of a kindle and keep my ancient flipphone? And if so, is that a Good Plan? I do not need a tablet for computing; I have a work-provided laptop that is basically brand new. It would be for e-mails, books, stupid little games, etc.

And yes, I am aware that tablet pricing gets wacky given the different sizes and manufacturers and wi-fi vs. cellular. I think that advice on products would be useful but also observations on how people use their tablets, etc.

Tech q

Dec. 1st, 2012 01:04 pm
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More details on thoughts later, but first gut reactions:

Do I want an iPad mini?
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Listening to MSNBC and some right winger is ranting about how the US has more inventions nobel prizes etc than the rest of the world combined.

Some left winger then said, oh, that's because of public education.

My gut reaction is to attribute it to an unheard of ratio of land + mineral wealth / population, although I'll happily give a nod to free enterprise free speech protestant work ethic etc.

It's an interesting question though. Presumably there are a million books on it, but I'm lazy so I'm just ruminating here.
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Holy 395-295 connector, Batman!

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Not much to see here, unless you want to be jealous.

Lunch at Tony and ???'s Pizzaria, on 17 just outside Gloucester: Veal, Calzone
Brownies at Cyprus House
Dinner in room

Breakfast at Cyprus House
-Fruit ???
-"Coast Toast" (French Toast but no egg, instead honey, orange juice, and vanilla)
-Sausage links
Lunch packed, Trunk Feast at Cape Hatteras
White Chocolate Chip / Sugar Cookies at Cyprus House
Dinner at Hurricane Mo's: fried seafood

Breakfast at Cyprus House
-Fruit mostly strawberry
-Smoked Turkey Sausage
-Blueberry muffin
Lunch at Mama Kwan's: Split seared tuna appetizer and pork platter
Chocolate Chip Cookies at Cyprus House
Dinner in Room

Breakfast at Cyprus House
-Fruit in glass
-Honey Ham
-Pecan strawberry muffin
Lunch packed, sandwiches at Currituck Beach
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies at Cyprus House
Dinner at Kill Devil Grill: holyshitamazing: wings, scallops, fried shrimp, apple crisp

Breakfast at Cyprus House
-Fruit mostly kiwi
-Blueberry Pancakes
Lunch at Wawa


Jul. 20th, 2012 11:53 am
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you haz been offer sheeted.

The Philadelphia Flyers: Entertaining bored summer hockey fans since 1967.

No way it works, but it is all very intriguing.
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I spend a lot of time on the road at various libraries, and discussions are underway re: the possibility of having a work-provided laptop to travel with. Since this is a one-off, I have pretty much total input re: what to buy.

Light weight
Long battery life
Large hard drive
Windows 7
Needs to run various MS Office-type applications but that's about it
Must have ethernet jack

I'm waffling on how much weight to take on in favor of ruggedness and/or screen size. Anyone have suggestions re: that compromise?

Any suggestions regarding models to consider?

Thanks much!
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To my many Jewish friends,

I would like to apologize for complaining, in grade school, about how you got off for Jewish holidays. It turns out that observing religious holidays not included in the mainstream calender is a gigantic inconvenience.


Apr. 13th, 2012 10:30 pm
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For two shall be the number of their hattricks, and the number of their hattricks shall be two.

Jew Coke.

Apr. 2nd, 2012 10:26 am
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I am thankful.
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Are awesome. Who knew? Not me! I have spent years fearing crowds of tourists. Oops.

Also awesome: SH-3's.

Not to mention evening light, sunsets, and living within walking distance of tourist meccas. (For some definitions of awesome. Stupid tourists.)

Cherry Blossoms and Marines
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My friend Lydia needs people to take a short survey for a study of moral intuition. It's only 5 minutes and is fun and interesting (I think).

(Discuss in comments, but if you're taking the survey please don't click through before to comments before doing so!)
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Dear readers, much to tell about, and no time to tell it. So:

Yesterday: Cherry blossoms! Not just in tourist-land but *right* *outside* the window of my home office!

Yesterday: The Infamous Stringdusters! HOLY SHIT, PEOPLE. Amazing show!!!!!

Today: Passover Coke! Can this weekend get any better???

(Not so awesome, Christen's flight to Liberia, which should touch down in about 20 minutes.)


Mar. 9th, 2012 10:53 pm
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I had a true D.C. moment this afternoon. I was changing Orange to Red at Metro Center, and as I detrained I heard a train arrive above. Knowing there was a 50% chance it was mine I dashed up the escalator, in the process pretty much running over what looked like a girls middle school or high school class trip. And I mean running over: I wasn't quite pushing them but I was moving constantly and almost running into them and loudly saying "excuse me" "don't stand on the left" "pardon me" "coming through" etc. Finally got past them at the top of the escalator and sprinted for what was indeed my train, stepping on board just as the doors closed behind me. If I had missed it I would have been very annoyed, and if it hadn't been my train I would have felt awful. As it was I felt a little bad, and I hope that the girls noticed that I just barely did make the train, thus justifying my being a jerk.

In the words of my friend Michael: We're trying to have a civilization here and you're ruining it!

Rail ads

Feb. 19th, 2012 11:45 am
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OK, so, I have recently seen tv ads for NS and also (as of today) CSX. Question: Is this a DC thing or are these airing nationwide?
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